Sunday, August 3, 2008

Madelyn's First Play Date

So this week Miss Madelyn had her first group play date with Nick Pritchard (Holly Barr's adorable little man) and Mia Hanna (Sam and Kathy Hanna's little girl- and Madelyn's co-conspirator for sock removal....see below). I think the moms had a better time than the kids but Madelyn really did enjoy her new (and only) in point is the picture above- she was very excited! It is just amazing to see what a few months can do to a baby. Mia is almost 5 months old and holds her head up, plays with toys, sits up, rolls over and grasps for things. Nick is 7 months old and he sits up, rolls over, crawls, eats solid food, plays with toys (his favorite being a baby hanger), is VERY vocal and says mamamamama. Oooooh I can't wait.

Help me get this off Mia!!
Madelyn's First Play Date!

Madelyn also had more visitors this week- Aunts Dana, Sarah and Courtney came to play (see below). She slept on Dana for the entire visit but she was wide awake and bushy tailed and demonstrated her new sitting up and standing (with assistance), speaking (coos, oohs, laughs, etc.) and smiling talents for Courtney and Sarah...they were most impressed. We also got to show the girls Madelyn's new dance moves which consist of dancing with Mommy. She has her own playlist on our Itunes and has a DISTINCT preference for the music that she dances to. #1 favorite would be "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" which is closely followed by "Ghostbusters" (it's Halloween music...did you have any doubt), "Hot, Hot, Hot" and most other "oldies".

Madelyn and Aunt Dana
Outfit from Aunt Dana

Hi Aunt Sarah and Aunt Courtney- I can sit up!

In addition to her many visitors, Madelyn continues to LOVE bath time. At about 8:30 she becomes quite agitated knowing bath time is coming but she is too impatient to wait. Once we get her upstairs and start to undress her the big smile comes out since she believes she has conned us (once again) with her charms and wit. See below for one of her favorite bath time games- dunking her head in the bubble water which leaves a rather humorous bubble do (and ears full of soap). The nice thing about her knowing that bath time is coming is that she knows that bedtime is right after that so she either falls asleep in the jacuzzi or right after getting lotion, jammies and bottle. This is very nice for her parents!

Like my new do?

In a somewhat sad turn of events, Grandma Barry was not able to come visit us this week like we had planned since she is taking care of her mom (Great Grandma Dulzer). We missed her visit very much and we are sure her and Grandpa are very sad they couldn't be here with her so we took some pictures just for her to let her know we wish she was here with us!!
I miss you Grandma and Grandpa!!

Well- thanks for reading our blog again. Next week Patrick is off work so we get to spend good quality Daddy time and should get much better pictures since I am an accountant and NOT an artist- don't laugh, I am truly thankful Madelyn's head is not cut off in any of these pictures...seriously.
Until next week!
Kristin (and Madelyn)

Its been a busy week- I need a rest!