Monday, February 28, 2011

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Yesterday, here in Charlotte, was an abnormally warm...err We went to the playground, hiked around the woods and collected monkey balls, washed both cars (I was beginning to think the paint was only being held on by the dirt accumulation...much to my great relief, it is still on there sans dirt) and cleaned the whole garage out (I was getting tired of scaling a washing machine, 3 strollers, an uninstalled new microwave, the manger from Christmas and various Halloween projects in differing stages of completion in order to take the garbage out). We were so spoiled by this magnificently hot weather (82 degrees on February 27th...crazy huh?) that the hurricane force winds of today did not even phase us as we tried to play on the playground. After being nearly blown down, hit by a falling tree limb and getting our hair stuck in our matching Cherry Coke lip gloss, Maddy and I called it a day and headed in the house.

What do you do when you had such wonderful weather yesterday and are now trapped in the house? We played blocks, read and cooked in our fake kitchen. Madelyn was in the middle of pouring me a delightful glass of milk when she pulled out a stick of butter and declared "Mommy, this is peanut butter". I tried to explain the difference between butter and peanut butter but she was not quite understanding so I pulled out the real deals to demonstrate. She took one whiff of the peanut butter (something we have been TOTALLY uninterested in for all of our 2 years and 8 months) and marched to the drawer, obtained a spoon, grabbed the jar and....
A new found favorite snack! She declared that she was going to feed this to Cole, Raegan and Nick tomorrow at playgroup...I tried to explain Nick's horrific peanut allergy to her but to no avail...we will just hide the jar instead!

Happy Monday Everyone!
Kristin and Madelyn