Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Sad Day

It has been a sad day in the Barry house. This morning, Patrick's 93 year old Grandmother passed away. She lived a long and wonderful life. She was married to what I know was a wonderful man (although I never met Grandpa I can only assume he was great because he raised a wonderful family who have all gone on to raise wonderful families of their own) and they had 7 children, 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren to show for their long and happy marriage.

I feel so fortunate that Madelyn got to meet her Great Grandma and has pictures and videos of her holding her, kissing her, singing to her and loving her because I never had the chance to meet any of my Great Grandparents and I think these will be so special to her later in life (even though Madelyn will never remember those days).

Grandma Dulzer and Madelyn - 3 Weeks Old

Lots of Kisses

Four Generations of Dulzers

Grandma even made the trek all the way down to South Carolina to be at Patrick and my wedding.

Mark, David, Kristin, Patrick, Grandma, Mrs and Mr. Barry

July 17, 2004 ~ Daufuskie Island, SC

Grandma and her children

Grandma touched a lot of lives, even mine and Madelyn's, and although she didn't quite ever remember who we were in recent years, there will be many who will remember and miss her.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

It's been a busy Valentine's day. I opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa...see my new drum?

I ate some blocks on my Incrediblock...

I played with Kaiya (I tricked her into my clutches skillfully using my tissue paper)...

I also got a Mickey and Minnie doll, some clothes, some books, an inflatable boat and HALLOWEEN LEGGINGS...HAPPY DAY!!!! Christmas must come twice a year...I like this Cupid guy.

Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

Bye for now...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

January Was a Month of Firsts!

So I was sitting and filling in Miss Madelyn's calendar this evening and I realized how many "first" stickers I was putting on and how much we learned to do this month. She was a busy little is a recap of our milestones:

~First big people food- we love everything we have tried...grapefruit, lunch meat, spaghetti, pickles, all kinds of cheese (brie, roquefort, Gouda, cheddar, goat, name it, we love it) and especially pancakes! Madelyn has them every Sunday (it is now called pancake Sunday in our house)...this morning we went to Cracker Barrel to meet a family friend and we loved restaurant pancakes too! Here we are at the restaurant trying out the rocking chairs :-)

~First swimming pool (we posted this pic last post)

~First teeth (our bottom middle two teeth)..notice there is no picture of this because everytime you try to catch the wiley little suckers on camera, Madelyn puts her tongue over them...oh well...maybe next post!

~First diaper rash :-( It was ugly took sitting in the oatmeal bath twice and a lot of hydrocortisone and diaper cream!

~First waving...sadly this is not usually practiced on her adoring parents but Grandma's, Uncles, friends and strangers at the grocery store. We are non-discriminatory...we wave to everyone...just not usually mom and dad!

~ First pulling up - Aunt Amanda was here to witness our first pulling up on the we want to do it all the time. We have tried furniture but it is too high and we tried our big wood block but it falls over on our head when we try that....we will just stick with the Incrediblock (weighted down with a free weight to prevent the falling over part).

~Standing on everything from the blocks to chairs to ottomans- we hate sitting, love to stand! Here we are standing on the nasty wood block that fell on us- notice Uncle Jeffrey acting as the counterbalance?

Here we are showing off our standing skills with our favorite accomplished standers- Mia and Nick (notice the love of the is like baby crack)

~Claps at her self when she is excited or proud of herself

~Puts little food bites in her mouth (aka Cheerios and Gerber Puffs)- we usually miss but once in a while it gets in there. We are an excellent graham cracker putter inner though and have mastered the sippy cup!

~Our last big first which came yesterday- which was February so I guess it really belongs in it's own post...not a post about the busy month of January firsts...but it is my blog so it goes here now- is our first puppy kiss. Our wonderful next door neighbors (Dan and Monique) have a little puppy named Oscar and we saw a Victorian romance...across the backyard and it was love at first sight...for Maddy anyway. Daddy took Madelyn down to see Oscar and he was so excited that he kissed her all up- most children would be quite panicked at this but not Madelyn. She is our own Dr. Doolittle- she loved it! Laughing so hard I could hear her in our yard. I am sad I did not get this on picture or video but to illustrate our future veterinarian's love of animals here is a picture of her favorite toy in all of Target... are seeing this right. It is the giant cardboard cat picture in the catfood aisle. We stand there for 15 minutes each time so we can kiss the kitty, pet the kitty, love the kitty, talk to the kitty and don't forget yelling at and smacking the kitty because it just sits there. That is our Madelyn- OSU Vet school here we come!

So that was my excitement for the evening- putting all those first in her first year calendar. She is just too big!

To end we will leave with a quote from one of Madelyn's favorite shows- Mickey's Clubhouse..."see ya real soon!"

Kristin & Madelyn