Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Month Goes By So Fast

So in the chaos of the holiday season, Madelyn and I have not posted our adventures for the past month so here is a little recap.

Grandma Barry came to visit for a whole week, we started eating big people food and we went to Ohio for almost two weeks!

We also had many firsts this month:

We sat up for the first time (with Mia at playdate)-

We had our first graham cracker and juice from a cup-

We had our first Christmas and we had a lot of fun.
All the presents
Maddy very excited to get opening

We got tons of presents but out of the many rise a few favorites (in attempted top 5 order):

1. Messy Piggy- this lovable character is from Sandra Boynton's books and is Madelyn's favorite in all books that she appears in (Bath Time, Moo Baa La La La, Barnyard Dance, Pajama Time...just to name a few)- well Grandma Mary found a stuffed messy piggy and now they are inseparable (literally he comes to the store and rides in the cart, sleeps with us, eats with us, rides in the car with us, came to Ohio with us and went everywhere there with get the point).
This is Maddy and Piggy driving home from Ohio- note Maddy and Piggy are driving

2. Incrediblock (you will see a picture later)- we love this toy that Mia had so Grandpa and Grandpa got us one and it is now the favorite floor toy to play with a pull up on

3. Fisher price gear toy- seen on the left of the picture- we love to hit the button and watch the lights and gears spin- only drawback...gears fall off...super glue anyone??

4. "Jesus" Lamb- we affectionately refer to this lamb as Jesus Lamb because it plays the "Jesus Loves Me" song and Madelyn adores it- she laughs when it sings and then must give it many kisses...see below:

5. Car....see below

Daddy let me read these directions for you...

My first car!!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

We went to Ohio after Christmas and had a lot more firsts. First fever :-(, first overnight stay in a hotel (we went to Oglebay, WV to see the Christmas lights and petting zoo), first snow and sled riding and first yogurt and Gerber puffs to chew on- yum! We also got to see Uncle Mark and Uncle davey (and listen to Uncle Davey play his guitar).

Family Christmas with my "cousins" (Patrick's cousins' children- a few of his Grandma's great grandchildren)
Madelyn and "Santa" at Oglebay
One Pink Fuzzy Bear at the Oglebay Petting Zoo

Faster Grandpa!
Ok enough- it's cold...why is it this cold here anyway?

Uncle Davey playing Oasis "Wonderwall" (her favorite)

After our 2 week adventure, we returned home and had our first time alone in the bath tub (in a nifty boat intertube), we began trying to pull up on our block (another Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa) and we had our first time in swimming pool!!

This is Incrediblock and we love it!

Michael Phelps here I come...

We went to see Dr. Satterfield for our 6 month checkup and we got the all clear for more big people food (so we are trying it all now from spaghetti to grapefruit to pancakes and we have not found a food we don't like yet). We also weighed in at 18 lbs. and 10.6 oz. and 29" tall- no wonder we are in 12 month clothes already! Here is Madelyn and Messy Piggy (notice Piggy is at the Doctor's's like Where's Waldo) at the Doctor's BEFORE the vaccines- after was not quite the same picture...

Finally, to round out our month, it snowed in Charlotte today and Madelyn got to see snow at home for the first time.
Our Backyard this Morning

Phew! We were busy girls this month- we promise to post more now that the crazy holidays are over. We would now like to leave you all with our favorite picture of Madelyn and her most favorite thing under the tree this year...Kaiya

Happy New Year!
Kristin and Madelyn (and Messy Piggy)