Friday, January 8, 2010

How they have changed....

I was just downloading pictures from my camera and was looking at pictures from a fabulous birthday party that we went to this past weekend. Mr. Nick, Madelyn's friend of nearly 18 months, turned 2!!! He had a party at Rolly Pollies (a children's gym) and what a party it was! Looking at the pictures of Nick, Mia and Madelyn I began to wax poetic over how much they have changed in such a short is a small recap:

First Playgroup- 3 Deloitte friends starting stay at home parenthood together!
Maddy 6 weeks

Maddy 8 weeks
There was some propping required here

Mia and Madelyn - First Halloween
So Spooky!
Madelyn - 7 Months
Mia's First Birthday Party (Madelyn 9 Months)
Mia did NOT want to swing!
Madelyn- 10 Months
Give me that chair Mr. Nick!
Madelyn-10 Months
Madelyn is using Nick to stand up...poor Nick!

Madelyn and Mia - Madelyn's 1st Birthday Party

Corbin, Mia, Henry Nick and Madelyn at Lazy 5 Ranch
(Madelyn 13 Months)
Henry, Madelyn and Nick - Pumpkin Picking
(Madelyn - 16 Months)

Madelyn, Nick and Mia - Nick's 2nd Birthday Party
(Madelyn - 18 Months)

Lifelong Friends!

Have a great day- this just made mine!!!