Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Sad Day

It has been a sad day in the Barry house. This morning, Patrick's 93 year old Grandmother passed away. She lived a long and wonderful life. She was married to what I know was a wonderful man (although I never met Grandpa I can only assume he was great because he raised a wonderful family who have all gone on to raise wonderful families of their own) and they had 7 children, 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren to show for their long and happy marriage.

I feel so fortunate that Madelyn got to meet her Great Grandma and has pictures and videos of her holding her, kissing her, singing to her and loving her because I never had the chance to meet any of my Great Grandparents and I think these will be so special to her later in life (even though Madelyn will never remember those days).

Grandma Dulzer and Madelyn - 3 Weeks Old

Lots of Kisses

Four Generations of Dulzers

Grandma even made the trek all the way down to South Carolina to be at Patrick and my wedding.

Mark, David, Kristin, Patrick, Grandma, Mrs and Mr. Barry

July 17, 2004 ~ Daufuskie Island, SC

Grandma and her children

Grandma touched a lot of lives, even mine and Madelyn's, and although she didn't quite ever remember who we were in recent years, there will be many who will remember and miss her.

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