Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Good Old Fashioned Summer Time Fun!

Even though it is not quite summer yet, here in the south we have been feeling "summeresque" temperatures for quite some time. Recently, however, Madelyn has taken up some quintessentially summer activities for the first time and we thought we would share.

Here is Maddy at her second swimming lesson...she loves them! Our neighborhood pool opens this weekend so I am sure we will have more to post then!

Here is Maddy swimming in Grammy's hot tub...she loves her "swimmies" and her froggy inter tube!

Slip and Slide:
Our wonderful neighbors, Daniel and Monique, are just big such they own a slip and they have no children...yes I did say slip and slide. On Mothers Day it was so blazing hot that we thought it was only appropriate to christen it. Madelyn understood the concept straight away and dove right in...literally and figuratively. For the sake of everyone involved I will only be showing Madelyn slipping and sliding!

Blowing Bubbles:
One of our favorite hot day past times is blowing bubbles. Mainly because Mommy can stand in the shade and blow bubbles and Maddy can run like crazy to catch them...and then take a really good nap!

Strawberry Picking:
Yesterday Madelyn, Mommy, Daddy and Grammy went to Springs Farms to pick strawberries. It must be in Maddy's blood because Aunt Amanda and I went strawberry picking in the same place when I was about 36 weeks pregnant...Madelyn has loved it since she was in utero and yesterday was no different!
Hunt for berries...

Selecting the perfect berry...

Giving it a little try...

Maybe one more, got to make sure they are good... have to try these...

Look at all the "Barry's" in that car! Ok...I couldn't resist...I tried...

To close, here is Madelyn, Brutus (her Ohio State yard gnome) and Grammy surveying the back yard for the next fun thing to do.

Have a great week...we will be here just having fun!
Kristin and Madelyn

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