Monday, November 10, 2008

4 Month Checkup

Albeit a little late- Miss Madelyn had her 4 month checkup last week on Thursday (at the 18 week mark). Maddy tips the scales at nearly 17 pounds (16 lbs. and 13 oz.) and 27 inches long. She is in the 97th percentile for weight and the 100th percentile for height- no wonder we cannot keep her in clothes and she is now growing out of the 6-9 month sizes!

Dr. Satterfield was pleased with her growth and she was given the all clear to start fruits and veggies- yeah!!! No more bland oatmeal and rice cereal for us!

In order to take the Dr.'s orders to heart, we went home and tried applesauce with our oatmeal for the first time. Much to my dismay, the vaccinations that Madelyn received may have made her tired and cranky and she was not into food of any kind let alone something new. The video documentary of the first food moment is not one for the record books (note that the video will NOT be posted on the website less an unsuspecting viewer think we are killing her by the way she carried on). So we gave applesauce another go this weekend and she ate it but with much less lust than she eats her oatmeal (reference the oatmeal video on the website). Just as I was beginning to think that she was not into solid foods as much as I thought she would be... we tried sweet potatoes. Oh my do we love sweet potatoes. Evidence of the love: it took her 3 days to eat one container of applesauce (2.5 oz.) took her 1 day to eat the sweet potato container of the same size. The sight of her eating the sweet potatoes was quite comical though- picture the cartoons where cats and dogs get in a scuffle and you just see a giant dustball with appendages flailing out of it at random intervals and when it settles all animals are disheveled messes. This sight is much like Madelyn eating sweet potatoes- there is a giant dust ball of eating fury and then when the dust settles everything is covered in orange slime- her, me, high chair, clothes, floor, you get the picture. I am sorry I dont have a picture of this but it takes both hands to feed her!

Madelyn also got this nifty object that looks like a pacifier with a ring on one end and a mesh bag on the other (thank you Holly and Nick for the suggestion). The purpose of this nifty gadget is so that babies can eat more solid foods without the fear of choking because they just gum the mesh bag until the contents becomes mooshed up so much that it seeps through the bag and down their throat with no choking hazard. Madelyn got a slice of apple in hers this weekend and she loved it! Have no clue why baby applesauce is so so but apple slices are to die for- oh well...whatever floats her boat.
Our only other new advent this week is the love of the doorway jumper. She loved it before because she could she what was going on from a standing position- like a big girl- but after weeks of watching Nick bounce like a mad-man (thank you Nick for your wonderful lessons last week), Madelyn finally figured out how to bend her knees and jump up and down in her jumper. This was a favorite past-time this weekend at grandma's while mommy and grandma organized the office. Thank you to the person who invented such a glorious entertainer!

I leave you with Miss Madelyn and her "war wounds" from the doctors (note the blue army camo band-aids...they were out of pink this time so now she REALLY looks like a boy). Grandma Brenda (my best-friend's mom) is coming to visit tomorrow so we should have many good pictures to post next week.

Kristin and Madelyn