Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love Fall!

Sorry once again for Madelyn and my deliquent posting. We have been busy girls since our last post....

To kick off our fall season- Miss Madelyn was baptised at St. Matthew's Catholic church on October 5th. We had a wonderful fall dinner (which consisted of 14 people who love Miss Maddy very much...note the hugely long table below that took both our kitchen and dining room tables to construct) and a great time watching OSU football around the fire pit on the deck (thank you Uncle Shaffey for bringing your tailgating TV and satellite for this outdoor coverage).

Madelyn then decided she was far too busy these days to lay in one place so she rolled over for the first time on October 6th and was able to roll and pull her arm out and push up to 45 degrees (plus) on October 7th.

As if this week was not busy enough, Maddy then had her first taste of autumnal food- OATMEAL!!! Oh we love oatmeal....I cannot truly describe it- it needs to be witnessed. Then, as if this love was not enough our avaricious little girl saw mommy putting cinnamon in her apple-plum tart and wanted to try it in her beloved we did...and now there is no going back. She eats 3 tablespoons of oatmeal in under two minutes- the mouth opens, swallows immediately and opens right away for more....and if more is not received fast enough then she chews on her fists and begins to cry. Mommy tried to play the airplane game with her or sing songs, but no, not for Miss Madelyn, she just wants to hork it down in silence so that she may enjoy each tablespoon to the fullest. She is her father's daughter.

Madelyn got to wear her Halloween witches costume early this year at our 3rd annual Halloween party. She didnt get to see many people but she did get to see Miss Mia in her pumpkin costume (maybe Mr. Nick will be able to come next year!). Mia smiled and hammed it up for the camera...Madelyn spent the time playing with her sparkly new dress. Ok maybe she is her mother's daughter too...

Madelyn also rode in her first swing solo at Mr. Nick' ride I mean sleep in the cool fall breezes. We would love to thank Nick's daddy (sorry Jason that is now what you shall be referred to once you entered this parenting journey) for going out specifically to put up the infant swing for us. Like our pumpkin socks BTW?

Finally- to round out the month of October, Madelyn went trick-or-treating. Madelyn, Mommy and Grandma Mary went out dressed up as three witches while Daddy manned the Barry haunted yard extravaganza. Funny thing is seeing all of the children that were too scared to come into our yard (causing me to bring the candy to the sidewalk) while Maddy sees the "spooky" things and laughs at them. I don't just mean the infinite number of Halloween props in our no...we are talking about in anyone's yard or in any retail store. We are talking about hearing a Halloween cackling noise and craning our neck to see where it came from...we are back to being her daddy's daughter again...looks like he won the genetic lottery but we may need to seek counseling for this unnnatural love of the supernatural someday.

Maddy has her 4 month (albeit slightly late) checkup on Thursday (after our "hump day" playdate that falls on Thursday this week). We will update the stats then for our weed-inspired growing girl (hopefully we wont need to raise the exersaucer another notch or move to the 9-12 month clothes since the 3-6 months DO NOT fit and the 6-9 months fit perfectly now!) See pics below from our last playdate at our house and Madelyn in her newly raised exersaucer!

Have a great week! Go Bucks!

Kristin & Madelyn

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