Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Madelyn's First Concert

For Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa got Madelyn a bright green recorder. I thought she would have loved this toy since it made noise and was sure to drive Mom and Dad crazy. Apparently I was incorrect in my assessment of the toy because she yanked it out of her stocking and tossed it aside to see what other treasures were to be had in the bottom.

Today, for some unknown reason, Madelyn picked up her recorder and handed it to me and said "music Mama" (side note- Madelyn has every episode of Little Einsteins that she has every watched memorized and can probably tell more people what Fur Elise sounds like than Beethoven himself plus Maddy and I play music together on my flute, piccolo, her drum and keyboard all the time. Given these factors I was pretty proud that between me and Little Einsteins she at least understood that this crazy green thing was meant for music because it must resemble something else she had seen being played).

So I played her a few songs- silly songs like Hot Cross Buns, Jingle Bells and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Obviously my virtuosity inspired some deep musical urge in her because she said "me play" and when I gave the recorder to her that is just what she did. Her musical savant alternate persona then gave her orders to locate her microphone...which she did, and then to dance and sing whilst playing her recorder...which she also did. Here are the results of Madelyn's first musical concert...Juilliard here we come!

(Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for any broken glassware or ear drums that may occur as a result of the following video clip)

Enjoy and have a great night!
Kristin, Patrick and Madelyn

Short Version

Madelyn's First Concert from Patrick Barry on Vimeo.

Long Version

Madelyn's First Concert - Long Version from Patrick Barry on Vimeo.

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