Monday, February 8, 2010

Preschool Here We Come!

Today Madelyn and I went to finish the registration process for preschool!!!!

After many weeks of research, looking at schools, getting on wait lists, NOT waiting in line overnight to get on some wait lists and just plain waiting we found out that we have a Monday-Wednesday spot at Sharon Baptist (Hear cheering in the background?? No? Well I do!!!)

In order to confirm this space at the school we had to go fill out paperwork and pay our registration fee, Madelyn was very excited to go to "skooooool" (as she says) and even tried to join the TK class (4 and 5 year olds almost ready for Kindergarten) for their trip to music class by stepping right in line, single file and all, without a backwards glance at me.

We are thrilled to find such a nice school for Maddy and that she really, really loves it there- I don't know if she can wait until September!

Here is a quick picture from our adventure today. The front lobby at the school has tiles with all of the kids hand prints on them (each color is a different "grade"). Madelyn thinks this wall was meant to high five and will not let us leave without doing so to each and every hand!

Have a great week to all!
Kristin and one school-bound Madelyn

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