Monday, July 14, 2008

Madelyn's First Road Trip!

Hi Everyone!

Week 3 was a big week for Madelyn- she went on her first road trip!! Patrick, Madelyn and I packed the car and headed the 500 or so miles north to Akron, Ohio to visit Patrick's family. Grandma Dulzer (Patrick's mom's mom) is 92 and is not in very great health and there is a good chance she may not be with us much longer so we decided it would be a good idea for her to see her 12th great-grandchild (from her 15 grandchildren by 7 children...that is a lot of family!) and for Madelyn to get pictures with her so we can show them to her later. Besides seeing Great-Grandma Dulzer, Patrick's Aunt Janet (one of his mom's sisters) was visiting from Los Angeles and she was very excited to get to see the baby as well.

Madelyn did great on her first car ride north- it took us about 9 and a half hours to get there (usually about seven and a half) and about eight and a half to get home but she slept the whole time both ways....except to eat.

One of the benefits of being a part of a very large family is there is never a shortage of people to hold a baby, burp a baby, walk a crying baby or change a dirty diaper. Madelyn got to see Grandma and Grandpa Barry again and got to meet her Uncle Davey and Uncle Mark, Aunt Alexis; Great Aunts Janet, Bunny, Arlene, Jeanne, and Mary-Anne; Great Uncle John, Great Grandma Dulzer, Great Grandma Geig, Great Grandpa Geig and cousins Devon and Dylan- phew that was a lot of visiting in 3.5 days! (see Snapfish pictures for Patrick's documentary style photographs of all of these meetings)

Besides being the world traveler that she is, Madelyn is also awake much more during the day, slept 7 hours one night (this has not re-occurred...much to her parents' dismay), smiles in response to seeing faces she knows, she sticks her tongue out when you do, tracks objects and lights and has found a love of looking out windows (cars or houses) and swinging on porch swings...see Snapfish pictures for evidence of these loves.

Thanks for reading about our weekly adventures- talk to you all next will be our first week without Daddy here (he is going to Raleigh) and we get our second installment of the Hep B vaccine at our 1 month appointment.


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