Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mommy and Madelyn's Adventure Alone!

Hey Everyone!

So this week was a huge milestone for Maddie and Mommy- we were all alone!!!! Patrick went back to work this week- but not only did he go back to work but he went out of town....oh the horror! Madelyn and I survived only with the help of Grandma Mary, Amanda and my wonderful friends who bring food and come keep us company. It was a bit challenging doing all the nighttime feedings on my own (with the exception of putting her to bed which my mom so wonderfully handled after helping me with bath time)- I am quite tired to say the least.

Madelyn has also progressed to holding her head up for longer periods of time, following your face with her eyes and mimicking faces that you make. Her favorite face to mimic would be sticking her tongue out- she finds this awfully amusing. For a while she looked at me like, "Mommy what are you doing...can someone please get me new parents?" After staring intently for weeks she finally decided to give it a try and now the tongue is out of her mouth more than it is in.

Madelyn also has a new love affair with ceiling fans...her old obsession with windows is so last week...ceiling fans are apparently the new fad, they do move after all. She stares at them, follows them with her eyes, talks to them and shows them her aforementioned tongue face (although this may not impress the fan as much as it does her parents). I would be tempted to think that Kaiya (our half demon/half lovable feline) taught Maddie to love the ceiling fan demigod (since Kaiya spends much of her day talking to the fan as well) but then I remember that Kaiya hates the insolent, crying, mini-human and she would be more inclined to push Madelyn and her stroller out onto the front porch in hopes of a rogue kidnapper coming by than teaching her something interesting.
Other than fan watching, Madelyn sat in her Bumbo seat this week (it is a positioner that Corinne and John got for her that helps her learn to sit up) and took her first bubble bath this week. This was mostly due to my error in adding too much Johnson's bedtime bath and then turning the jets on (laying in the jet stream is Madelyn's favorite part of bath time) but she loved it none the less- see the Snapfish photos for documentation of this grand event. Madelyn also got many visitors who came to save me from my monotony. She got to meet many of her honorary aunts; Sarah, Carolyn, Jamie, Kristin and Kelly. All of these wonderful women came and kept me company and cuddled and bounced Madelyn- much to her delight.

In a rather humorous and somewhat scary vein- there is a new album on the Snapfish group album entitled Patrick's Baby Pictures. If you have some free time take a look at these pictures that Mrs. Barry so kindly scanned in for me. Play a little game called "is this picture Madelyn or Patrick". If it were not for the somewhat aged photos and baby gear it would be REALLY hard to tell the difference. I am dismayed that I threw up for nearly 40 straight weeks and dealt with all other discomforts of pregnancy and delivery and if I had not witnessed the child exit my body I would not know that I had any part in her creation. On the upside Patrick is cute and was a really cute baby so it worked out just fine...maybe she will get my hands or eye color (or my curly hair which would make Grandma Barry REALLY happy).

If you are truly bored and look through all of the new Snapfish photos that are posted you will notice an awful lot of pictures of Madelyn just sitting. I was quite lonely- as I mentioned- and found her irresistibly adorable. She looks at Patrick and I when we go on these picture taking tangents and stares at us as if to say "why are you ogling over my like you just saw the invention of fire or the first wheel...don't you have anything better to do?" The sad thing is- we don't...

Thanks for reading again! Madelyn goes for her 1 month check up this coming week so I will post her new stats and the results of the check-up. One month....I can't believe it!!


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