Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Week of Visitors and Outings

Its Been a Busy Week- I'm Tired...

But I Think My Kitty Might Be Plotting To Kill Me

Week 5 was a busy week for Madelyn. She started the week with visits from her honorary Aunts Sarah and Carolyn and followed it up by visits from her honorary Aunt Courtney and Uncle Matt. We are pretty sure that visiting us has convinced all of them not to have kids for a while (after seeing the way we look, how tired we are, hearing our stories and hearing unhappy baby crying). At the end of the week, Madelyn had her first "play date" with Mia Hanna. They didn't do too much playing because they both were quite cranky. They "talked" for a while and then their mommies took them for a walk...Madelyn fell asleep but Miss Mia was determined to fight the sleepiness. As a result, she had to go home to take a nap but will be back next week for playdate number 2 with Nick Pritchard (Holly Barr-Pritchards little man). See pictures of Mia's beautiful new dress on the website and Snapfish.

Look At All My Visitors!

In addition to these wonderful visits, Madelyn and Mommy made many excursions out of the house. Mommy needs a nap after taking the baby out because it takes so long to get ready, so long to get her in an out of the car, takes so much work to push her and a cart around the store and it is just HOT outside. Braving all of these factors and in order to keep ourselves entertained, we decided to undertake making magazine boxes for the built-ins in the family room. We went to Space Savers to get boxes, Lowes, Staples and Michaels to get the label holders and Walmart to get material. We went to Costco's (per Kathy Hanna's advice) to get diapers and we also took a trip to Babies-R-Us and Concord Mills to procure Maddie's Halloween costume ( is not too early, the party is October 17th and that is only 81 days away!!)- what she will be will have to be a surprise though.

To top off the week, Madelyn took a trip to see Dr. Satterfield for her 1 month check-up. She tips the scales at 10 lbs. 14 oz. and comes in at 23 and 3/4 inches long...greater than 97th percentile for both! She is a big, healthy, hungry baby. We can't wait for the 2 month appointment when she gets her slew of vaccinations....oh boy!

My 1 Month Check-Up...OH MY...I Am Naked Baby!!

Thanks again for reading...until next week!

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