Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Thing Friday

Ok- we have never really done a favorite thing Friday but Madelyn had such varied and unusual tastes this week that we thought we should post them...

Our snow hat...she wears it all day, everyday. It doesn't matter whether we are inside or out, in clothes or pajamas, eating dinner, watching TV or sampling some delicious plastic ice cream...she even learned how to put it (and her shoes) on this week all by herself.

Our multi-tasking sippy cup drinking abilities. Miss Alissa took this photo at playgroup this week to demonstrate what a well rounded multi-tasker she is...she can play with trucks, trains and Rubick's cubes all while drinking her juice.

The Pampers Box....we went to BJ's to buy diapers (with another one of our favorite things...Baby Cole...on Tuesday) but I have not been able to use them all week because Madelyn uses the box for EVERYTHING.

She uses it as a stage to sing, dance and perform culinary demonstrations on:

She uses it as a lemonade stand and piggy holder:

She uses it as a seat, to push around the kitchen, a step stool to access things on the counter and a table to drive her "Mater" cars on. All in all, it was almost our favorite toy of the week.

Of course, as usual, the only toy that could surpass the Pampers box for the favorite thing of the week is Messy Piggy. Another photo taken by Miss Alissa, here is "Piggy Love":

Have a great weekend!
Kristin and Madelyn

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grandma Barry said...

I have writen on this 3 times now and I never get it right. Maddy if grandpa Barry donesn't come to see you soon grandma is flying down without him.