Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Hello There Mr. Easter Bunny...

Yesterday, Madelyn, Patrick and I took a trip to the community clubhouse for the annual Easter egg hunt. This was our first official egg hunt since Madelyn was not walking last year to actually hunt for eggs. I was very excited to see how Madelyn would react to such excitement, the thrill of the chase, collecting "treasures" and seeing one large rabbit!

The day started out a bit rough since Madelyn did not sleep well the night before but this all changed when she saw him...the bunny...

She was so happy that the Easter Bunny drove by (several times) and waved to her on her bike that she forgot all about being crabby...until we had to wait to hunt eggs. Madelyn is not very patient...she may get this from me...but she just could not understand why there would be an entire lawn of eggs that she couldn't run out and get.

After waiting, we got the go ahead and they were off!

Madelyn made a quick run for the eggs but never wanted to put them in her basket, just hoard them all to herself (note- the picture below is NOT of Madelyn placing eggs into her basket but her taking them back out so she could possess them all)- this led to more frustration with the whole egg hunting process.

Luckily, at the end of egg hunting there was a Bunny to love, candy to collect, a playground to explore and juice to drink on the bike ride home...and all was right with the world once again.

Have a great week, Madelyn and I are on to a week of more holiday festivities with egg dying, Easter dinner shopping, Easter cookie making with some friends and eating all of the aforementioned goodies!

Have a Happy Easter!!!
Kristin and Madelyn

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