Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday and Happy 5 Month Anniversary Best Good!!!

Albeit slightly late, this post is for my best friend in the whole wide world on her birthday (which was yesterday).

Jenny and I have been friends for something ridiculous like 27 years...we shouldn't even say best friends, we should just call each other what we are...sisters (actually we call each other Best Goods...but that is another story). She was my maid of honor, she is Madelyn's Godmother and I had the distinct honor and privilege to be her matron of honor exactly 5 months ago today. (although I protest being called "matronly").

Patrick was lucky enough to be asked to capture their special day on video and it was very important to him to give them an AWESOME wedding video in the style, grace, and magnitude of our FABULOUS (did I mention FABULOUS?) wedding cinematographers, Paul and Holley Jackson of Four Seasons Films. We continue to watch and cherish our video and love it so much that Patrick spent hours upon hours trying to give Jenny and Graham something even a fraction as good as what Paul and Holley gave to us.

Here is the finished product...I think he succeeded! I do preface this with the site design being shamelessly borrowed from our own site that was designed by Paul and Holley (thank you, thank you, thank you again) but it was so perfect that we just could not improve upon it. Also note that two of the reception videos (if anyone is really watching all of these) not have sound. Youtube took it off because of a contract negotiation problem with Warner Music and us using one of their songs...sadly, my speech is muted...darn...but rest assured the sound will be up and running soon!

Without further delay here it is....Jenny and Graham...The Wedding.

To see our wedding trailer masterpiece that Paul and Holley created almost 6 years ago (wow that is a long time!) Click Here. To have your own event captured by Four Seasons Films please see their impressive website Here.

All in all, I think the video turned out pretty great...but when you are videotaping two people as gorgeous as Jenny and Graham then I think it is pretty hard to mess up!! Congratulations to Patrick on a job well done anyhow!

Here are just a few of the 27 years worth of photos of Jenny and I:

Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary Best Good- I love you!


jenny said...
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jenny said...

I love YOU!!! The site IS incredible. Thank you again, so much. We are working on an appropriate "official" thank you for such a special gift.

I miss you tons.. xoxo

[p.s. the first post said the same thing, I didn't mean to delete it!]

r1realtor said...

I was in tears when I saw the photos you posted, it was kleenex time! Just loved the blog.